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Research Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences

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  • History
  • Organization Structure
  • Research Facility and Equipment
  • Division of Radiation Cancer Science
    • Division of Radiation Cancer Science
    • Molecular Imaging Research Center
    • Division of Radiation Effect
    • Research Planning Office
    • Research Center for Radiotherapy
  • Research Project
    • Connection between Government Plan and Medium- to Long-term Improvement Plan
    • Research Center Main Project
    • Main Project Research Field and Portfolio for each target
    • Future Consignment Research Promotion Plan
    • Process Procedure for the National R&D Project

Research Center Main Project

Home Research Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences Research Project Research Center Main Project

National Research Development Project (40)
  • Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (radiation R&D Project, etc.)
  • Ministry of Knowledge Economy
    (information and Communication Research base establishment project, etc.)
  • Ministry of Health and Welfare
    (Radiation Evaluation Technology Development Project)

The national R&D project is an R&D project of the Science and Technology Field wherein a Central Administration Agency selects a specific R&D task and supports all or part of the R&D cost with contribution or public fund based on ordinance.

Distinct Agency Project (3)
  • Vitalization of the Radiation Mediation Research support
  • Development and management of Cyclotron for Research
  • Building PET-utilizing technology Development Center
  • Radiation safety management operation

The Distinct Agency Project is a pioneering R&D program that promotes the future original technology field that needs interdisciplinary fusion research and effective gathering of distinct agency advantages to lead the future demand of the nation and industry after establishing the research plan within the agency.

General Project (3)
  • Vitalization of the clinical use of the radioactive medicine and medical
  • supplies Project
  • Radiation treatment control technology development
  • Building the Radiological Medicine Pre-clinical Center

Project implemented along with the distinct agency Project for agency's distinct function and specialization/professionalization according to the mid- ~ long-term development plan (Agency specialist project applicable to the government's science and technology policy direction that does not coincide with R&D

External Consignment Project (6)
  • Selecting liver cancer treatment target by clinical and function verification of liver cancer candidate gene treatment
  • Research on anti-cancer effect of IY no.1 for lung cancer

R&D project wherein a private enterprise (general corporation) selects an R&D task to subsidize in part or in whole the R&D cost, unlike the National R&D Project

Internal Research Development Project (7)
  • RADIOLOGICAL & MEDICAL SCIENCES to promote the utilization of radioactive isotope/radioactive medical supplies of domestic and Asian Developing countries
  • Interrelationship of radiation sensitivity of Cervical cancer cell strain and manifestation of SOCS protein

The Internal R&D Project is a program that turns the project into tasks of planning and strategy field to enhance the research capacity of the organization with funds from Interest or internal income generated during the research period.

* The numbers in parenthesis are the number of projects/Radiation mediation Research vitalization support Project
has been transferred from the Hospital to the Research Center Project in 2011.