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Research Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences

  • Greetings
  • History
  • Organization Structure
  • Research Facility and Equipment
  • Division of Radiation Cancer Science
    • Division of Radiation Cancer Science
    • Molecular Imaging Research Center
    • Division of Radiation Effect
    • Research Planning Office
    • Research Center for Radiotherapy
  • Research Project
    • Connection between Government Plan and Medium- to Long-term Improvement Plan
    • Research Center Main Project
    • Main Project Research Field and Portfolio for each target
    • Future Consignment Research Promotion Plan
    • Process Procedure for the National R&D Project

Research Facility and Equipment

Home Research Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences Research Department Introduction Research Planning Office

Responsible Tasks

Operating the structure of the Institute of Radiation Medicine Research Center and comprehensive planning related to R&D activities, overall planning and performance of management tasks such as Research Project management, expanding accomplishments, research room safety and research equipment management support, etc.

Research Strategy Planning Field

  • Establishing/Managing the R&D promotion plan, planning and controlling R&D Project
  • Establishment and amendment of overall regulations related to research, Operating the research task committee
  • Management and planning of Research Center Staff Education and periodic seminars
  • Advertising accomplishments and internal/external cooperative tasks (supporting accomplishment exhibits and field trips, conferences)
  • Government agency evaluation (Research Departments: organization evaluation, customer satisfaction management evaluation) task

Research Accomplishment Management Field

  • Budget management for internal/external R&D activities, Progress and result management
  • Research ethics commission and tasks related to Research ethics
  • Task agreement of internal/external R&D and school-work link cooperation support, accomplishment expansion management

Research Center Operation-related support

Research room safety and security management support, Research Equipment management support, Research Center access management support, staff and customer convenience (parking, rest area, public facility, complaints) support