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National Radiation Emergency Medical Dispatch Center

  • Greetings
  • History & Mission
  • Organization
  • Preparedness & Response
    • National Radiological Emergency Preparedness System
    • National Radiation Emergency Medical Response System
    • Status of the Radiation Emergency Medical Centers
  • Activities
    • Education & Research
    • Healthcare Services
    • Dose assessment
    • International Cooperation

Establishing Radiation Emergency Clinical Care System

Home National Radiation Emergency Medical Center Center Business Establishing Radiation Emergency Clinical Care System

Improving the level of prompt medical response at the time of radiation accident by designating and managing radiation emergency medical treatment facilities at the national scale and maintaining the National Radiation Emergency Medical Center system

Project Goal

  • Establish and expand the National Radiation Emergency Medical Center Network.
  • Enforcement of emergency response capability through simulation training and emergency medical treatment education
  • Solidifying the base of regional emergency medical treatment by adding equipment support to the Radiation Emergency Medical Treatment support
  • Acquiring advanced technology by enhancing global collaboration on Radiation Emergency Medical Treatment

Project contents

  • - Build and expand the National Radiation Emergency Medical Treatment Network (NARMED-Net).
    • Expand and manage the newly designated Radiation Emergency Medical Treatment Facilities.
    • Forming the technical advisory committee for treatment technology enhancement for radiation damage patients
    • Obtain and share advanced technology related to radiation exposure patient treatment by forming and managing an advisory committee in 4 departments (stem cell transplant, Radiation burn, Biological dosimetry, physical dosimetry, etc.)
Radiation Emergency Medical Treatment Technical Advisory Committee

Radiation Emergency Medical Treatment agent Education and Training

  • Installing new/implemented education courses for the Emergency Medical Treatment agent
  • Standard Education program development for each profession and establishing and managing the cyber Education System
  • Hosting and participating in Emergency Medical Treatment training in preparation for disasters

Emergency Medical treatment Facility Equipment support

  • Building the core research room for human body dosimetry and adopting a system to establish dosimetry evaluation technology
  • Enforcement of material infrastructure for medical measures with equipment support needed to accommodate patients in the designated facilities and equipment support for the radiation accident site to establish the base for the Emergency Medical Treatment team

Enhancing international collaboration of Radiation Emergency Medical Treatment

  • Hosted the National Radiation Emergency Medical Center international conference to enhance the global status of the National Radiation Emergency Medical Center and to exchange related global direction and technology status
  • Management of foreign training program for Emergency medical treatment agents: Enhancing the professionalism of Emergency Medical Treatment through education by a foreign professional agency with advanced Radiation Emergency Medical Treatment Education Program