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Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences

  • Greetings
  • History
  • Vision 2020
  • Major Accomplishments
  • Organization Structure
  • Location

Major Accomplishments



  • Development of PET Radiopharmaceuticals for cervical cancer
  • MicroRNA miR-4779 suppresses tumor growth by inducing apoptosis and cell cycle arrest through direct targeting of PAK2 and CCND3
  • miR-550a-3-5p acts as a tumor suppressor and reverses BRAF inhibitor resistance through the direct targeting of YAP
  • Study for Alzheimer Dementia using Diagnostic Radiopharmaceutical
  • Evaluation index for Alzheimer Dementia using Diagnostic Radiopharmaceutical
  • Tumour-vasculature development via endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition after radiotherapy controls CD44v6+ cancer cell and macrophage polarization


  • Clinical Trial Study for Alzheimer Dementia using Diagnostic Radiopharmaceutical
  • Role of the p53/p21 complex, Bcl-2 family proteins, and respiratory complex I in the metastasis and recurrence of cancer cells
  • Real-time monitoring of cellular proliferation in cancer using 19F MRI/MRS
  • Radioimmunotherapy Overcomes Immunotherapy Resistant Head and Neck Squampus Cell Carcinoma
  • Development and Clinical Trials of PET Radiopharmaceuticals for HER2 Positive Breast Cancer


  • Longitudinal monitoring adipose-derived stem cell survival by PET imaging using hexadecyl-4-124I-iodobenzoate in rat myocardial infarction model
  • ERp57 modulates STAT3 activity in radioresistant laryngeal cancer cells and serves as a prognostic marker for laryngeal cancer
  • Selective inhibition of histone deacetylase 2 induces p53- dependent survivin downregulation through MDM2 proteasomal degradation
  • Aspirin Targets SIRT1 and AMPK to Induce Senescence of Colorectal Carcinoma Cells
  • Ilhan Lim, Sang Moo Lim et al. Long-term outcomes of differentiated thyroid cancer with bone metastasis and the prognostic factors
  • Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Oligometastases Confined to the Para-aortic Region-Clinical Outcomes and the Significance of Radiotherapy Field and Dose


  • Radioimmunotherapy with 131I-rituximab for patients with B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
  • Development of radiotherapy enhancement biomaterial based on individual gene of lung cancer patient
  • Cetuximab inhibits cisplatin-induced activation of EGFR signaling in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
  • Development of convergence technology for diagnositc imaging and treatment of cancer using copper transporter gene expression
  • Identification of the regulatory network of tumor metastasis
  • defininig the role of vitamin D in the pathogenesis of mutated lung cancer
  • Usefulness of Combined therapy with 131I and Lithium in patients with metastatic radioiodine-refractory thyroid cancer
  • KIRAMS achieves ISO 15189:2013 certificate from KOLAS on Biological Dosimetry for Radiation Emergency Preparedness


  • Implementation of radioactive isotope utilizing new treatment research and development of platform establishment program
  • Identified new carcinogenic factor CIP2A cell division and PLK1 control function during tumorigenesis


  • Construction of experiment animal research hall
  • Implementation of the first radiation promotion plan
  • Establishment of radiology policy development center and focused training research center
  • Development of radiation cancer treatment vitalization material through cancer cell aging control


  • Composition of functional interaction top of low-oxygen expression, radiation-resistant factors
  • Development of disease-specific radio-virotherapy treatment efficiency improvement technology
  • Development of motion tracking collimator treatment device and radiation treatment system
  • Improved lymphoma patient survival rate through repeated radiation immunization treatment technology
  • Radiation damage protection effect of HSP27
  • Establishment of researcher-built company, Health Biomed


  • Development of liver cancer targeting bioluminescence imagery from liver cancer-inducing model
  • Development of next-generation multipurpose/multi-function SPECT/MR dual contrast medium
  • Development of biological reaction control function against radiation
  • Production technology of hyaluronic acid deacetylated hydrolase, deacetylated hyaluronic acid and derivatives
  • Development of core superconductivity cyclotron technology of K1720 for carbon beam treatment
  • Development of new target utilizing radiation damage control agent
  • Discovery of radiation reacting protein, Sialyltransferase (ST6Gal I), and identification of cancer metastasis control function


  • Discovering cancer cell aging discrimination substance (cathepsin D, eEF1)
  • Development of diagnostic radioactive medicine and medical supplies (C-11 acetate) automation system
  • Development of medical radioactive isotope I-124, Cu-64 production technology
  • Development of radiation treatment transcription factor group (miRNA)
  • Collaborated on research for liver cancer diagnostic candidate substance commercialization (Pfizer)
  • Development of TGF-B activity inhibition composite including Imidazopyridine derivatives
  • Building the first PET/MRI fusion system in the country for the whole body
  • Passing R&D KDI preliminary feasibility for heavy particle accelerator Radiation
  • Obtaining FDA accreditation as Preclinical Center (GLP)


  • Developing 30Mev cyclotron
  • Building Radiation Irradiation Facility


  • Developing anti-cancer drug tolerance repressor (peptide substance)


  • Establishment of Southeast Regional Radiation Medical Center organization
  • Building a KMS System
  • Establishing a medical response system at the national level in case of Radioactive disaster


  • Establishing infrastructure to enforce Translational research


  • Declaration of KIRAMS VISION 2013


  • First clinical application of PET/CT in the country


  • Development of skin tissue regeneration technology and artificial skin
  • Development of radiation exposure diagnosis gene marker
  • Development of first cyclotron in the country
  • Development of neutron radiography device
  • First clinical application of cyber knife in the country
  • Development of osteomatoid surgical reconstruction method
  • Development of system for stereotaxic Radiation division treatment


  • Development of human body dosimetry technology
  • Development of low-dose approach treatment device
  • Development of radiation treatment enhancer (C8PS)t
  • Development of anti-cancer treatment efficiency improvement method
  • thru inhibition of particular enzyme of chromosome
  • Development and commercialization/merchandising of GINSAN, anti-cancer
  • immunological enhancer
  • Development of gene treatment drug nuclear imaging method
  • Localization of radiological medicine and medical supplies