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Korea Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator Project

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  • Heavy Particle Therapy
    • What is Heavy Particle Therapy?
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    • Heavy Particle Therapy Target Cancer Area
    • Heavy Particle Therapy Process
    • Heavy Particle Therapy Facility Introduction

What is Heavy Particle Therapy?

Home Heavy Particle Accelerator Agency Heavy Particle Therapy What is Heavy Particle Therapy?

Heavy Particle Therapy is a method of discharging heavy particle to cancer cells located deeply under the skin; when the heavy particles reach the cancer cells as programmed in the treatment device, they destroy cancer cells and disappear. Dubbed the dream cancer treatment device, the Heavy Particle Therapy device has shown successful full recovery rate of 90% for liver cancer, 100% for prostate cancer, 80% for lung cancer,, and 42% full recovery rate for recurrent cancer. The Heavy Particle Therapy Device has the advantages of zero pain or side effects on top of high killing power of cancer cells with the Bragg Peak effect.

Bragg peak effect

  • The Bragg Peak Effect means accelerating heavy particles of carbon almost at the speed of light to destroy cancer cells. In the process of killing cancer cells, unlike X-ray, they emit 20-30% of radiation before they reach the cancer area and kill cancer cells by conveying the remaining 70-80% of radiation when they reach the cancer area. The advantage is that, after they reach the cancer area, there is no radiation left for the normal tissue to be damaged by radiation.
  • Most of the Heavy Particle Therapy Hospitals in the world are using carbon atom considering the size of the accelerator, radiation concentration in the cancer area, and relative biological effectiveness by radiation.