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Korea Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator Project

  • Greetings
  • History
  • Organization and Department Introduction
  • Project Detail
  • Heavy Particle Therapy
    • What is Heavy Particle Therapy?
    • Excellence of Heavy Particle Therapy
    • Heavy Particle Therapy Target Cancer Area
    • Heavy Particle Therapy Process
    • Heavy Particle Therapy Facility Introduction


Home Heavy Particle Accelerator Project Team & MEDICAL SCIENCES Greetings

Thank you for visiting the Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator (KHIMA) Project Home page.

The Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences
(KIRAMS) has been a pioneer of domestic radiation medicine
with cancer diagnosis and treatment for the past 50 years since
the Cobalt treatment device was introduced for the first time in
the country. KIRAMS launched the KHIMA project in July 2010
for a new leap forward.

Currently, only a few countries are operating the Heavy Ion
Medical Accelerator in the world. It has been showing
remarkable treatment results compared to the existing radiation
treatment, with almost no cancer treatment side effects.; This
state-of-the-art radiation treatment device has considerable
attention from the world.

We are working hard on the KHIMA project that has been
initiated for the first time in Korea. The project is to establish a
system with a heavy ion accelerator and three treatment rooms
and one research room, with our goal of administering the first
patient treatment by 2017.

Following the KHIMA activity, the Korea Heavy Ion Cancer
Treatment Center (Tentative) will be established in Kijang-gun,
Busan Metropolitan City. The center will enable Korea to grow
as an advanced medical country through the improvement of
cancer patient treatment.

The KHIMA project team will not only prepare for innovative
opportunities for domestic as well as international radiological
therapy development through successful establishment of the
KHIMA, but will also do its best to contribute to the
improvement of citizens' health and welfare.

Korea Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator Project Director General Sang Hoon Nam