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한국원자력의학원은 국내 유일의 '방사선의학' 및 '암전문의료기관'으로서 연구와 진료의 조화를 이루어 방사선의학의 발전적이고 모범적인 모델을 세계에 제시하기 위한 연구활동에 힘쓰고 있습니다. 의학원 소속 저자들이 국내외 학술지에 발표한 '방사선의학, 방사선 암의학 관련' 논문을 다양한 구분방식을 적용하여 검색할 수 있습니다. * SCI 등재 및 IF 정보는 논문게재 시점 기준입니다.

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학술지 IF 권/호/페이지/발행년 부서 PMID
Linarin inhibits radiation-induced cancer invasion by downregulating MMP-9 expression via the suppression of NF-κB activation in human non-small-cell lung cancer A549
Jung CH1, Han AR2, Chung HJ1, Ha IH1, Um HD3.
Natural product research 1.928(17) 13:1-5 / 2018 29897257
Anticancer and radiosensitizing effects of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors, AT7519 and SNS?032, on cervical cancer
Kang MA1, Kim W2, Jo HR1, Shin YJ3, Kim MH4, Jeong JH1.
International journal of oncology 3.333(17) 53(2):703-712 / 2018 29901072
Factors that Predict Clinical Benefit of EGFR TKI Therapy in Patients with EGFR Wild-Type Lung Adenocarcinoma
Kim SY#1, Myung JK#2, Kim HR1, Na II3, Koh JS2, Baek HJ4, Kim CH5.
Tuberculosis and respiratory diseases. Jun 19 / 2018 29926551
Estimation of the medical need for carbon-ion radiotherapy in Korea
Cho I1, Seo YS1, Jung W1, Kim MS1
Journal of radiation research 2.031(17) 59(5):588-592 / 2018 29939311
Enhanced Glycolysis Supports Cell Survival in EGFR-Mutant Lung Adenocarcinoma by Inhibiting Autophagy-Mediated EGFR Degradation
Kim JH#1, Nam B#1, Choi YJ2, Kim SY2, Lee JE2, Sung KJ2, Kim WS3, Choi CM3,4, Chang EJ1, Koh JS5, Song JS6, Yoon S7, Lee JC4,7, Rho JK8, Son J9.
Cancer research 9.130(17) 78(16):4482-4496 / 2018 29945964
Treating synchronous bilateral ocular adnexal marginal zone lymphoma: the consortium for improving survival of lymphoma study
Oh SY1, Kim WS2, Kang HJ3, Lee JH1, Huh SJ1, Kim SJ2, Yoon DH4, Hong JY4, Lee WS5, Kim HJ6, Won JH7, Park BB8, Lee SI9, Suh C10,11.
Annals of hematology 2.845(17) 97(10):1851-1857 / 2018 29947974
Knockdown of end-binding protein 1 induces apoptosis in radioresistant A549 lung cancer cells via p38 kinase-dependent COX-2 upregulation
Baek JH1, Yim JH1, Song JY1, Um HD1, Park JK1, Park IC1, Kim JS1, Lee CW2, Hong EH3, Kim EH1, Hwang SG1.
Oncology reports 2.976(17) 39(4):1565-1572 / 2018 29484424
Head-to-head comparison of 18 F-FP-CIT and 123 I-FP-CIT for dopamine transporter imaging in patients with Parkinson's disease: A preliminary study
Lee I1, Kim JS2, Park JY1, Byun BH1, 박수연, Choi JH1, Moon H1, Kim JY2, Lee KC2, Chi DY4, Kim KM2, Lim I1, Kang JH2, Ahn SH5, Kim BI1, Ha JH3, Lim SM1.
Synapse 2.132(16) 72(7):e22032 / 2018 핵의학과, 신경과 29486515
Tranional Repression of High-Mobility Group Box 2 by p21 in Radiation-Induced Senescence
Kim HK1,2, Kang MA1, 김미숙, Shin YJ4, Chi SG2, Jeong JH1,5.
Molecules and cells 3.077(17) 41(4):362-372 방사선종양학과, 방사선생명응용부 29487276
Predominant subcortical accumulation of 18F-flortaucipir binding in behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia
Cho H1, Seo SW2, Choi JY3, Lee HS4, Ryu YH5, Lee MS1, Na DL2, Kim HJ6, Lyoo CH7.
Neurobiology of aging 5.117(16) 66:112-121 / 2018 29554554
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