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한국원자력의학원은 국내 유일의 '방사선의학' 및 '암전문의료기관'으로서 연구와 진료의 조화를 이루어 방사선의학의 발전적이고 모범적인 모델을 세계에 제시하기 위한 연구활동에 힘쓰고 있습니다. 의학원 소속 저자들이 국내외 학술지에 발표한 '방사선의학, 방사선 암의학 관련' 논문을 다양한 구분방식을 적용하여 검색할 수 있습니다. * SCI 등재 및 IF 정보는 논문게재 시점 기준입니다.

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학술지 IF 권/호/페이지/발행년 부서 PMID
Fluorometric detection of influenza viral RNA using graphene oxide
Jeong S1, Kim DM1, An SY2, Kim DH3, Kim DE4
Analytical Biochemistry 2.275(17) 5561-562:66-69 / 2018 30253126
Assessment of brain beta-amyloid deposition in transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer's disease with PET imaging agents 18F-flutemetamol and 18F-florbetaben
Son HJ1, Jeong YJ1, Yoon HJ1, Lee SY1, Choi GE2, Park JA3, Kim MH3, Lee KC3, Lee YJ3, Kim MK4, Cho K2, Kang DY5,6.
BMC neuroscience 2.173(17) 19(1):45 / 2018 30053803
Rsad2 is necessary for mouse dendritic cell maturation via the IRF7-mediated signaling pathway
Jang JS1, Lee JH1,2, Jung NC2, Choi SY1, Park SY1, Yoo JY1, Song JY3, Seo HG4, Lee HS2, Lim DS5.
Cell death & disease 5.638(17) 9(8):823 / 2018 30068989
Oridonin Enhances Radiation-Induced Cell Death by Promoting DNA Damage in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cells
Park H1, Jeong YJ2, Han NK3, Kim JS4, Lee HJ5.
International journal of molecular sciences 3.687(17) 19(8). pii: E2378 / 2018 30104472
Design and Evaluation of a MEMS Magnetic Field Sensor-Based Respiratory Monitoring and Training System for Radiotherapy
Oh Y, Jung YJ, 최상현, Kim DW
Sensors (Basel) 2.475(17) 18(9). pii: E2742 / 2018 의학물리공학연구팀 30134526
The prevalence of brain abnormalities in boys with central precocious puberty may be overestimated
Yoon JS1, So CH2, Lee HS1, Lim JS3, Hwang JS1.
PloS one 2.766(17) 13(4):e0195209 / 2018 29614125
MASTL inhibition promotes mitotic catastrophe through PP2A activation to inhibit cancer growth and radioresistance in breast cancer cells
Yoon YN1,2, Choe MH1,3, Jung KY4, Hwang SG1, Oh JS5, Kim JS6,7.
BMC cancer 3.288(17) 18(1):716 / 2018 29976159
Association between serum levels of insulin-like growth factor-1, bioavailable testosterone, and pathologic Gleason score
Kim M1, Kim JW2, Kim JK1, Lee SM1, Song C1, Jeong IG1, Hong JH1, Kim CS1, Ahn H1.
Cancer medicine 3.202(17) 7(8):4170-4180 / 2018 29992746
Regulating BRCA1 protein stability by cathepsin S-mediated ubiquitin degradation
Kim S1, Jin H1, Seo HR2, Lee HJ3, Lee YS4.
Cell death and differentiation. 8.000 (17) Jul 13 / 2018 30006610
Post-chemotherapy serum anti-mullerian hormone level predicts ovarian function recovery
Kim HA1, Choi J2, Park CS3, Seong MK4, Hong S5, Kim JS6, Park IC7, Lee JK8, Noh WC9.
Endocrine connections 3.041(17) Jul 16 / 2018 30012648
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