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한국원자력의학원은 국내 유일의 '방사선의학' 및 '암전문의료기관'으로서 연구와 진료의 조화를 이루어 방사선의학의 발전적이고 모범적인 모델을 세계에 제시하기 위한 연구활동에 힘쓰고 있습니다. 의학원 소속 저자들이 국내외 학술지에 발표한 '방사선의학, 방사선 암의학 관련' 논문을 다양한 구분방식을 적용하여 검색할 수 있습니다. * SCI 등재 및 IF 정보는 논문게재 시점 기준입니다.

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KIRAMS articles 검색 조건
학술지 IF 권/호/페이지/발행년 부서 PMID
9G Test TM Cancer/Lung: A Desirable Companion to LDCT for Lung Cancer Screening
Choe W, Chae JD, Lee BH, Kim SH, Park SY, Nimse SB, Kim J, Warkad SD, Song KS, 오애진, 홍영준, Kim T.
Cancers (Basel) 6.126(19) 12(11):3192 / 2020 진단검사의학과 33143045
Real-World Experience of Pembrolizumab Monotherapy in Patients with Recurrent or Persistent Cervical Cancer: A Korean Multi-Center Retrospective Study (KGOG1041)
Choi MC, Kim YM, Lee JW, Lee YJ, Suh DH, Lee SJ, Lee TS, Lee M, Park DC, ...김문홍, Kim HS, Lee JY.
Cancers (Basel) 6.126(19) 12(11):3188 / 2020 산부인과 33138190
Organ-Specific Effects of Low Dose Radiation Exposure: A Comprehensive Review.
Shin E, Lee S, Kang H, Kim J, Kim K, Youn H, 진영우, 서성원, Youn B.
Frontiers in genetics 3.260(19) 11:566244 / 2020 방사선역학담당 외 33133150
Experience and performance of In Vivo Monitoring Laboratory of NIRP in 2017 thyroid measurement intercomparison
Peng X, Zhang J, 하위호, Kurihara O, Yang B, Tuo F
Applied radiation and isotopes 1.270(19) 109492 / 2020 보건물리팀 33129665
A Feedback Loop Comprising EGF/TGFα Sustains TFCP2-Mediated Breast Cancer Progression
Zhao Y, Kaushik N, Kang JH, Kaushik NK, Son SH, Uddin N, 김민정, Kim CG, Lee SJ
Cancer research 9.727(19) 80(11):2217-2229 / 2020 피폭치료연구팀 32193292
MKI-1, a Novel Small-Molecule Inhibitor of MASTL, Exerts Antitumor and Radiosensitizer Activities Through PP2A Activation in Breast Cancer
김아영, 윤이나, Leem J, Lee JY, Jung KY, 강민성, 안지영, 황상구, Oh JS, 김재성
Frontiers in oncology 4.848(19) 10:571601 / 2020 응용치료연구팀 33117702
Major Clues and Pitfalls in the Differential Diagnosis of Parathyroid and Thyroid Lesions Using Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology
하화정, 김은주, 김정순, 신명순, Noh I,박선후, 이승숙
Medicina (Kaunas, Lithuania) 1.205(19) 56(11):E558 / 2020 병리과 33114338
Recent Survey of Effective Doses of F-18 FDG Torso PET/CT in Korea and the Current Recommendations for CT Protocols of PET/CT
Chong A, Park JM, ...김경민, Kim SM, Kim TS; Quality Control Committee of the Korean Society of Nuclear Medicine (KSNM); Korean Society of Nuclear Medicine Technology (KSNMT)
Nuclear medicine and molecular imaging 핵의학분자영상 54(5):224-232 / 2020 의료용가속기연구팀 33088351
Impact of Dexmedetomidine on Tourniquet-Induced Systemic Effects in Total Knee Arthroplasty under Spinal Anesthesia: a Prospective Randomized, Double-Blinded Study
Lee C, Lee C, So C, 이지희, 최인성, Ma X, Hwang J.
BioMed research international 2.276(19) 2020:4208597 마취통증의학과 33083465
New Class of Efficient T2 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agent: Carbon-Coated Paramagnetic Dysprosium Oxide Nanoparticles
Yue H, 박지애, Ho SL, Ahmad MY, Cha H, Liu S, Tegafaw T, Marasini S, Ghazanfari A, Kim S, Chae KS, Chang Y, Lee GH.
Pharmaceuticals (Basel, Switzerland) 4.286(19) 13(10):312 / 2020 방사성의약품개발팀 33076332