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한국원자력의학원은 국내 유일의 '방사선의학' 및 '암전문의료기관'으로서 연구와 진료의 조화를 이루어 방사선의학의 발전적이고 모범적인 모델을 세계에 제시하기 위한 연구활동에 힘쓰고 있습니다. 의학원 소속 저자들이 국내외 학술지에 발표한 '방사선의학, 방사선 암의학 관련' 논문을 다양한 구분방식을 적용하여 검색할 수 있습니다. * SCI 등재 및 IF 정보는 논문게재 시점 기준입니다.

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학술지 IF 권/호/페이지/발행년 부서 PMID
Hybridization-based aptamer labeling using complementary oligonucleotide platform for PET and optical imaging
Park JY, 이태섭, 송인호, Cho YL, Chae JR, Yun M, Kang H, Lee JH, Lim JH, Cho WG, Kang WJ
Biomaterials 8.387(15) 100 / p.143-51 / 2016 분자영상연구부 27258484
Combination Radioimmunotherapy Approaches and Quantification of Immuno-PET
Nuclear medicine and molecular imaging 대한핵의학회지 50권2호 / p.104-11 / 2016 분자영상연구부 27275358
miR-5003-3p promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition in breast cancer cells through Snail stabilization and direct targeting of E-cadherin
곽서영, 유제옥, 안현주, 배인화, 박명진, Kim J, 한영훈
Journal of Molecular Cell Biology 6.459(15) 2016 Jun 9. pii: mjw026. [Epub ahead of print] 방사선암연구부 27282406
Establishment and characterization of a chordoma cell line from the tissue of a patient with dedifferentiated-type chordoma
김정엽, 이종선,고재수, 박명진, 장웅규
Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine 2.126(15) 25권5호 / p.625-35 / 2016 신경외과 외 27314550
Biodistribution and Radiation Dosimetry of [18F]Mefway in Humans
Choi JY, Lyoo CH, 김진수, 김경민, Lee M, Ryu YH
Molecular imaging and biology : MIB : the official publication of the Academy of Molecular Imaging 2.569(15) 18권6호 / p.803-6 / 2016 분자영상연구부 27126460
Γ-Ionizing radiation-induced activation of the EGFR-p38/ERK-STAT3/CREB-1-EMT pathway promotes the migration/invasion of non-small cell lung cancer cells and is inhibited by podophyllotoxin acetate
조정현, 홍완기, 정유진, Lee J, Lee E, 황상구, 엄홍덕, 박종국
Tumor Biology 3.611(14) 37권6호 / p.7315-25 / 2016 방사선암연구부 26671552
Comparison of Imaging Characteristics of (124)I PET for Determination of Optimal Energy Window on the Siemens Inveon PET
Yu AR1, Kim HJ2, 임상무, 김진수
BioMed research international 1.579(14) Volume 2016 (2016), Article ID 3067123, 8 pages 분자영상연구부 외 27127782
Beclin-1 knockdown shows abscission failure but not autophagy defect during oocyte meiotic maturation
You SY, Park YS, Jeon HJ, Cho DH, Jeon HB, Kim SH, Chang JW, 김재성, Oh JS
Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.) 4.565(14) 2016 May 5 [Epub ahead of print] 방사선암연구부 27149384
Eccentric localization of catalase to protect chromosomes from oxidative damages during meiotic maturation in mouse oocytes
Park YS, You SY, Cho S, Jeon HJ, Lee S, Cho DH, 김재성, Oh JS
Histochemistry and Cell Biology 3.054(14) 2016 May 9. [Epub ahead of print] 방사선암연구부 27160095
Induction of MiR-21 by Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Contributes to the Pulmonary Fibrotic Response
Kwon OS, Kim KT, Lee E, Kim M, 최서현, Li H, Fornace AJ Jr, Cho JH, Lee YS, Lee JS, 이윤진, Cha HJ
PloS one 3.234(14) 11권5호 / e0154942 / 2016 방사선영향연구부 27171163
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